Safety rules

THE CONTENTS HEREED ONLY ARE INFORMATIVE TO MINIMIZE THE POSSIBLE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF USING THE KEYCHAINS AND USING THE SERVICE is a website that aims to contact the finder of the item with the owner of the item. This involves contacting a stranger, and the site is not responsible for the content listed by the parties in the conversation. Taking care of users' security, the administrator:

  • indicates that the keychain is not a toy and its small size may cause choking.
  • informs that due to contact with a stranger, the website is intended for adults only. If you are a minor and have received or found an item with a keychain, please inform your parent or guardian.
  • informs that if the item you found raises your concerns leave it at the place of finding and inform the relevant services.
  • does not recommend personal contact between parties.
  • does not recommend providing important contact details.
  • does not recommend changing the keychain for an apartment or house.
  • recommends that the parties arrange to leave the item in a public place.